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   Beyond Insurance: Keeping Your Children Safe

Beyond Insurance: Keeping Your Children Safe

For parents or guardians, one of the most important parts of raising children is keeping them safe. This means keeping them safe from accidents, physical injuries, illness and threats to their mental health, and anything that can do them harm. People can take the right steps toward ensuring their child's safety by taking precautionary steps and living a lifestyle that is as healthy as possible. When it comes to health, parents can start by keeping their children physically active, and feeding them foods that are healthy and low in sugar and bad fats. Instilling good habits in them from an early age will improve the chances that they will continue in these good habits as adults and may decrease certain health risks. Having insurance makes it easier to keep children on schedule with their checkups, as well.

Kids can be kept safe at home by creating an environment that reduces the risk of injury. The younger the child, the greater the risk of accidental injury and death as toddlers are more likely to swallow, pull, or poke things that can choke, poison, crush, or electrocute them. Keep heavy items high enough so that they are out of reach or mount them on a wall so they cannot be easily pulled down. Keep candles, small objects, and poisons out of reach. In the case of poisons, they should be securely locked away. Child safety locks and covers are also useful for keeping kids from inadvertently hurting themselves. Parents with pools should have safety gates that remain closed and locked at all times. Pool covers are another way to keep kids from drowning. Buckets with water should be emptied and toilet seats closed, as children can easily drown in these things, as well. The ideal way to protect a child from accidental drowning and other safety hazards is to always keep a watchful eye on them. Children should never be left alone at a pool or near any body of water. Parents should hold their children's hands when in public and never let them wander out of sight. In addition, children should be warned not to talk to or walk off with strangers or anyone without express permission from their parents or guardian. They should also be advised not to take food or drink from anyone they do not know.

Children's Health

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Child Safety

Swimming Safety

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Safety at Home

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  • Student Health Insurance Plan: Students who click on this link will find overview and eligibility information regarding the student health insurance plan at Penn State. The page also includes enrollment dates.
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  • UF Student Health Insurance: Waiver: Students at the University of Florida can find instructions on how to waive health insurance on this page. By reading the page, students will also learn what the different statuses mean, how to update a waiver, and what it means if they fail to complete it.

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