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elcome to RecipeCottage.com - the home of over 35,000 recipes!   Founded at the end of 1994, we began typing in many of our original family recipes that we loved so much.  This way, we could find EXACTLY what we wanted, when we wanted it, more easily.  Since then, we now share these wonderful recipes with the world for your enjoyment.  This site is for everyone, from the discerning professional chef, to the creative home cook.


The majority of the recipes were typed in and reformatted by hand.  We used no special programming packages - everything (with the exception of maybe a few), were made with good old HTML code in Notepad (that little program that comes with every copy of Microsoft Windows).

Our entire web site takes up a few hundred megabytes of space, and is stored and hosted on Cobalt RaQ2 & RaQ3 servers.  Our internet backbone connection is an OC-12, allowing us bandwidth for both now and the future (both pictured below).

When you make a recipe from our archive and think that it's turned out absolutely amazing looking, don't hesitate to take a picture of but the dish and yourself with the dish, and e-mail them to us.  We will be launching a new section on our website - the photo archive.  Also, we eventually hope to include pictures of many of the dishes and entrées along with the recipes.

Also, please send us your comments, questions, and stories - along with any recipes that you treasure - as we always love to hear from our surfers!

Thank you once again for dropping by!  We hope to see you again soon.

From all of us at RecipeCottage.com