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(n/a) Us Non Us Items - July 7, 2006
Thank you very much!
Whipping Cream - December 23, 2005
The timing in the freezer of frig for this recipe does not have to be 2hours. A good 30 mins is fine. This is when put in the freezer. Is colder and will stay cold l...
(n/a) Food Yields - February 1, 2007
Thank you for the yield charts. As a Brit who enjoys collecting recipes but isn't familiar with the cups measures, it has made reading US recipes far, far easier!! E...

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Baking Pies
Baking Subs 01
Baking Subs 02
Batter Proportions
Can Sizes 01
Coconut Milk
Cooking Times
Cooking Vegetables
Cups To Liters
Cups To Milliliters
Dried Fruits
Equivalent Measures
Equivalents 01
Equivalents 02
Equivalents 03
Equivalents 04
Equivalents 05
Equivalents 06
Fahrenheit To Celsius 01
Fahrenheit To Celsius 02
Fahrenheit To Celsius 03
Fat Sub 01
Food Yields (R)
Golden Syrup
Grams To Ounces
Inches To Centimeters
Liquid Measures
Low Fat Subs
Maple Syrup
Meat Broiling
Meat Cooking Times
Meat Roasting
Meat Servings
Metric Cups
Metric Spoons
Milliliters To Cups
Ounces To Grams
Oven Temps 01
Oven Temps 02
Pan Sizes
Poultry Roasting
Sauces 01
Teaspoons To Milliliters
To Stew Meat
Us Non Us Items (R)
Us To Metric 01
Us To Metric 02
Useful Measurements
Vanilla Extract 01
Vanilla Extract 02
Vanilla Extract 03
Vanilla Extract 04
Vanilla Extract 05
Vanilla Extract 06
Volume To Weight 01
Volume To Weight 02
Volume To Weight 03
Whipping Cream (R) ♥♥♥

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