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   Home Renovations: Composting, Landscaping, and Gardening

Home Renovations: Composting, Landscaping, and Gardening

Home renovations are often associated with the interior of one's home; however, they can extend to the exterior as well. One's front and back yards can be renovated to improve curb appeal or make an overall more relaxing environment. In renovating their yards, homeowners may consider improvements to their landscaping and create a garden that is either edible or attractive. When doing this, there are certain things that should be taken into consideration to make the project more environmentally friendly.

Composting is a process in which people use organic items from their households and their yards to create a nutrient-rich additive for their soil. This is a simple process that can be started indoors or outdoors before one begins home renovations. Composting indoors is done on a much smaller scale than outdoor composting and usually requires a bin or box kept in a cabinet in a cool, dark location. Outdoor composting makes use of bins, tumblers, or boxes. To make the compost, one uses items such as vegetable peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, leaves, twigs, and grass or plant clippings. These items are combined, and with exposure to air, water, and a number of organisms and fungi, it eventually turns into dark, rich compost material over a course of several months. The compost is then useful for enriching the soil for one's landscape or gardening project. In general, the addition of compost to one's landscaping agenda will improve the health of trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants. Compost will nourish grass, leaving one's lawn greener and healthier. It reduces both the number of pests and weeds that can traditionally plague lawns and the need for fertilizers and pesticides that can be harmful to pets or children.

Gardens are another popular addition for people who are renovating their home environment. There are two types of gardens that are commonly integrated into yards: a vegetable garden or a flower garden. Compost is ideal for conditioning the soil of vegetable gardens or areas where one might plant fruit trees. The enriched soil improves the quality of the food produced and can minimize the number of pests and other pathogens. Flower gardens planted in compost-enhanced soil often also produce higher-quality blossoms.

Landscaping and Composting


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