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Occasional Use of Recipe in your Publication
You may use RecipeCottage Recipes and content free of charge, without further permission (unless otherwise stated), in your publication, whether it be a Newspaper, Newsletter, Journal, Magazine or Web site providing that you give RecipeCottage credit as the originating source of your content, AND provide our web site address: ""

We also appreciate a quick email letting us know where/how our material is being used, although we do not require this.

REGULAR Use of Recipe by National Publications
If you would like to include our recipes in a national publication (newspaper, magazine, etc.), we would like to know. If desired, we would also be willing to include your publication's name on our site for further co-branding. Write us at:

Requesting interviews or additional information
We welcome television and radio interviews regarding RecipeCottage, our content, and our businesses internet success. If you would like to schedule a television or radio interview, please write us at:

Additional Questions?
Did we miss something? Are you interested in advertising on our site? Receiving a press package? (we currently don't have a traditional "press package" that we mail out - a good place to start would be For any other questions you might have, please write us at: