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Nutted Wild Rice - August 16, 2006
This is great for holiday meals. You can make it well in advance and the flavors develop and improve if it sits for a few hours. Great for a picnic and makes fantasti...
Rice Balls 01 - February 1, 2004
prep time was a bear(3 hrs),but the results were great.One thing I would like to change however , is the batter.I think a crispier shell would be great.
Risotto 08 - September 3, 2004
I really enjoyed this risotto - creamy and perfect. I was serving it with beef so I used red wine instead of white wine. This did change the color of the risotto to...

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-2-3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
Alisa's Mexican Rice
Armenian Rice
As per popular requests, also from Harrosmith w/out permission :
Asparagus Risotto 01
Asparagus Risotto 02
Asparagus Risotto with Mushrooms and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Autumn Vegetable Risotto
Avocado Rice
Azerbaijani Pilaf (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
BEEF CONGEE (or a thick gloppy rice dish)
Baked 01
Baked 02
Basmati Rice
Basmati Rice 01
Basmati Rice 02
Basmati Rice 03
Black Pepper Rice
Brown Rice 01
Brown Rice 02
Brown Rice 03
Brown Rice Timbales
Brown Rice with Pine Nuts
Bulgar Wheat Pilaf
Buttered Rice
Chicken Pilaf
Christmas Rice
Cilantro Rice (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Cinnamon Curry
Coconut Pilaf
Coconut Rice 01
Coconut Rice 02
Coconut Rice 03
Congee 01
Congee 02
Congee 03
Congee 04
Congee 05
Congee 06
Congee 07
Curried Rice
Doria 01
First you need a proper paella pan which is a double-handled, low sided
Ginger Rice
Glorified Rice 01
Glorified Rice 02
Glorified Rice....
Greek Rice
Green Rice 01
Green Rice 02
Green Rice 03
Green Rice 04
Green Rice 05
Herb 01
Herb 02
Herb Rice
Herbed Orzo & Bulgar Pilaf
Herbed Terrine
Here are a couple of favorite rice recipes that i use for packed
Hot Rice Cakes
Italian recipe for Arancini. It is not as complicated as it sounds, but
Jollof Rice
Lemon 01
Lentil Pilaf
Lentils Rice 01
Lentils Rice 02
Lentils Rice 03
Lentils and Rice
Lettuce Rice
Lime Rice 01
Lime Rice 02
MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.00
MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.02
Macadamia Rice
Mexican Rice 01
Mexican Rice 02
Mexican Rice 03
Mexican Rice 04
Mexican Rice 05
Mexican Rice 06
Monterey Rice
Monterey Rice 01
Monterey Rice 02
Mung Beans Rice
Mushroom 01
Mushroom 02
Mushroom Pilaf
Mushrooms Peas
My family spent one generation in Cuba after emigrating from Spain and
Nasi Goreng 01
Nasi Goreng 02
Nasi Goreng 03
Nasi Goreng 04
Nasi Goreng 05
Nasi Goreng 06
Nasi Goreng 07
Nasi Goreng 08
Nutted Wild Rice (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Nutty Jasmine
Nutty Mushroom Pilaf (VEGAN)
Okra Pilau
Okra Rice
One of the most classic dishes of Spain, paella is a grand
Orange Cilantro
Orange Wild Rice
PAELLA DE POLLO (Chicken Paella)
Paella A La Alicantina
Paella A La Basquaise
Paella Allioli
Paella Saute with Saffron
Paella a la Valenciana Spain
Paella a mi propio estilo
Pam's Rice
Peas Pilau
Pepper Rice 01
Pepper Rice 02
Pilau 01 (R) ♥♥♥♥
Pilau 02
Pilau 03
Pilau 04
Pilau 05
Pilau 06
Pilau 07
Pilau 08
Pilau 09
Pilau 10
Pilau 11
Popeye's Dirty Rice
Q&E Spanish rice
Rice Balls 01 (R) ♥♥♥
Rice Balls 02
Rice Balls 03
Rice Balls 04
Rice Balls 05
Rice Balls 06
Rice Consomme
Rice Fruit Nuts
Rice Greens 01
Rice Hearts Palm
Rice Jardin
Rice Lasagna
Rice Lasagna 01 (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Rice Lasagna 02
Rice Pea Pilaf
Rice Pilaf 01
Rice Pilaf 02
Rice Pilaf 03
Rice Vegetables 01
Risi E Bisi
Risotto 01
Risotto 02
Risotto 03
Risotto 04
Risotto 05
Risotto 06
Risotto 07
Risotto 08 (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Risotto 09
Risotto 10
Risotto 11
Risotto 12
Risotto 13
Risotto 14
Risotto 15
Risotto 16
Risotto 17
Risotto 18
Risotto 19
Risotto 20
Risotto 21
Risotto 22
Risotto 23
Risotto 24
Risotto 25
Risotto 26 (R) ♥♥♥♥
Risotto 27
Risotto 28
Risotto 29
Risotto 30
Risotto Fava Beans
Risotto Patties
Risotto Primavera
SEASONED RICE (Jamaican) (R)
Saffron 01
Saffron 02
Saffron 03
Saffron 04
Saffron 05
Salmon Risotto
Seafood Paella
Shellfish and Chicken Paella
Shrimp and Rice
Spanish Rice 01
Spanish Rice 02
Spanish Rice 03
Spanish Rice 04
Spanish Rice 05
Spanish Rice 06
Spanish Rice 07
Spanish Rice 08
Spanish Rice 09
Spanish Rice 10
Spanish Rice 11
Spanish Rice 12
Spanish Rice 13
Spanish Rice 14
Spanish Rice 15
Spanish Rice 16
Spanish Rice 17
Spanish Rice 18
Spanish Rice 19
Spanish Rice 20
Spanish Rice 21
Spanish Rice 22
Spanish Rice 23
Spanish Rice 24
Spanish Rice 25
Spanish Rice 26
Spanish Rice 27
Spanish Rice 28
Spanish Rice 29
Spanish Rice 30
Spanish Rice 31
Spinach Rice
Spinach Risotto
Squash Risotto
Steamed Rice 01
Steamed Rice 02
Steamed Rice 03
Steamed Rice 04
Sticky Rice
Stirfry Wild Rice
Sushi Rice
Sushi Rice 01
Sushi Rice 02
Sushi Rice 03
Taco Rice
Thai Rice
This is in response to requests I've seen here from time to time. The
This recipe even works with old wilted green peppers.
Tomato Gravy Rice
Tomato Rice Mold
Two-Grain Pilaf
Vegetable Rice from Brazil
Veggie Rice 01
Veggie Rice 02
Veggie Rice 03
Vermouth 01
Whey Rice - replace water with whey when steaming rice.
Wild Rice Casserole
Wild Rice Casserole 01
Wild Rice Casserole 02
Wild Rice Cranberries 01
Wild Rice Cranberries 02
Wild Rice Mushrooms 01
Wild Rice Mushrooms 02
Wild Rice Risotto
Wild Rice and Cranberry Casserole
Wild Rice with Mushrooms and Cheese
Yellow Rice 01
You can make a extremely simple item thats almost
Zarda Palau (Sweet Rice with Orange and Chicken) (R) ♥♥♥♥
Zucchini Rice
hash riceballs
in boiling water, but additional cooking with seasonings makes it more
sweet and spicy gingered rice pilaf
that good), some I am dying to try. Here is a recipe from my files.

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