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Quorn Curry - October 11, 2005
Tastes lovely, you don't need so much coconut, more liquid would be a good idea too
Buffalo Tofu - April 2, 2006
This is a great substitute for "real" buffalo wings. This was my first time deep frying, and I could have used a little more guidance. Nevertheless, it worke...

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"Buttermilk" Biscuits
* Cream of Cauliflower Soup *
* Yeast 'Cheese' Sauce *
1-1/2 pounds homemade (I use packaged) noodles
1/4 Cup Kikkoman soy sauce or a good tamari sauce
2 cans brown beans in tomato sauce
2 onions
3 Grain Casserole
5 c. water
Achards (R) ♥♥♥
Aegean Salad
Afghan Pumpkins Kadu Bouranee (Sweet Pumpkin) (R) ♥♥♥♥
African Stew
Aioli (Garlic "Sauce")
Aioli 01
Aioli 02
Almond Milk 01
Almond Milk 02
Aloo Gobi
Amaranth 01
Amaranth Stirfry (R) ♥♥♥♥
Angelhair Pasta
Apple Barley Pilaf
Apple Carrot Muffins
Apple Dessert
Apple Rice Pilaf
Apple Strudel
Apricot Creme Tart
Artichoke Alfredo
Artichoke Dip
Asian Bbq Tofu
Asp Mush Casserole
Asparagus Soup 01
Asparagus Soup 02
Asparagus lasagne
Avocado Cream
Avocado Dip
Aztec Platter
Baingan bharta (Aubergine Puree)
Baked Macaroni
Baked Polenta
Baked Pumpkin
Baked Ravioli
Baked Sauerkraut
Baked Soybeans
Baked Tempeh
Baked Tofu
Baked Tofu 01
Baked Tofu 02
Baked Tofu 03
Baked Tofu 04
Baked Yuba
Baked Ziti
Baked macaroni with Bechamel sauce
Banana Bread
Banana Cake
Banana Malt
Banana Soy Bread
Banana Tofu Curry (R) ♥♥♥♥
Barbecued Tempeh
Barley Bake 01
Barley Bake 02
Barley Casserole
Barley Kale
Barley Mush Stew
Barley Mushroom
Barley Peppers
Barley Potatoes
Barley Soup
Barley Vegetables
Basil Tofu
Bbq Burgers
Bean Burgers 01
Bean Burgers 03
Bean Burgers 04
Bean Burgers 05
Bean Burgers 06
Bean Burgers 07
Bean Burgers 08
Bean Burgers 09
Bean Burgers 10
Bean Burgers 11
Bean Burgers 12
Bean Burgers 13 (R) ♥♥♥♥
Bean Burgers 14
Bean Burgers 15
Bean Burgers 16
Bean Burgers 17
Bean Burgers 18
Bean Burgers 19
Bean Casserole 01
Bean Casserole 02
Bean Curd 01
Bean Curd Tomato
Bean Enchiladas 01
Bean Enchiladas 02
Bean Goulash (R) ♥♥♥♥
Bean Patties
Bean Rice Burgers 01
Bean Rice Burgers 02
Bean Rice Salad
Bean Sausages
Bean Stew
Bean Stirfry
Bean Stroganoff
Bean Tahini Sauce
Bean Tofu Dip
Bean Tvp Burritos
Bean Veg Stew
Beany Lasagna
Bechamel 01
Beet Burgers
Biscuit Mix 01
Biscuit Mix 02
Biscuits 01
Biscuits 02
Biscuits 03
Black Bean Casserole
Black Bean Mole
Black Bean Stew
Black Bean Tacos 01
Black Bean Tacos 02
Black Bean Tamale Pie
Black Bean and Corn Chili
Black Beans 'n' Vegetable Chili
Black Soybeans
Black-Eyed Pea Skillet
Blackbean Salad
Blackeyed Peas 01
Blackeyed Peas 02
Blackforest Cake
Blazing Squash Chilli
Bought three huge portabellas on Saturday ... here's what I did
Braised Cabbage and Basmati/Lentil Pilaf
Braised Tempeh
Braised Tofu
Bread Pudding
Breadsticks 01
Broc Bulgur Pilaf
Broccoli Casserole
Broccoli Pastry
Broccoli Sauce
Broccoli Soup 01
Broccoli Soup 02
Broccoli Stirfry
Broccoli Tofu
Broccoli and Tofu in Spicy Almond Sauce
Broiled Marinated Tofu Sandwich
Brown Rice Casserole
Brownies 01
Brownies 02
Brownies 03
Brownrice Pilaf
Buddhas Delight
Buddhas Garden
Buffalo Tofu (R) ♥♥♥♥
Buffalo Wings
Bundt Cake 01
Burger Loaf (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Burger Mix
Burgers 01
Burgers 02
Burgers 03
Burgers 04
Burgers 05
Burgers 06
Burgers 07
Burgers 08
Burgers 09
Burgers 10
Burgers 11
Burgers 12
Burgers 13
Burgers 14
Burgers 15
Burgers 16
Burgers 17
Burgers 18
Burgers 19
Burgers 20
Burgers 21
Burgers 22
Burgers 23
Burgers 24
Burgers 25
Burgers 26
Burgers 27
Burgers 28
Burgers 29
Burgers 30
Burgers 31
Burgers 32
Burgers 33
Burgers 34
Burgers 35
Burgers 36
Burgers 37
Burgers 38
Burgers 39
Burnt Semolina
Burritos 01
Burritos 02
Burritos 03
Butter Bean Dip
Cabb Lentil Pilaf
Cabbage Carrots
Cabbage Salad
Cajun Tofu
Caramel Custard
Carbonara Sauce
Carob Cake
Carob Cinn Cake
Carob Cocoa
Carob Frosting
Carob Mousse Pie
Carob Tofu Pie
Carobchip Cookies 01
Carobchip Cookies 02
Carrot Bran Muffins
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake 01
Carrot Cake 02
Carrot Cashew Curry
Carrot Lentil Pate
Carrot Loaf 01
Carrot Mushroom Loaf
Carrot Nut Spread
Carrot Sauce
Cashew Chili
Cashew Nut Roast with Herb Stuffing
Cashew Soup
Cashew Tofu
Cashew or Almond Milk
Cassoulet 01
Cassoulet 02
Cauliflower Millet
Cauliflower Soup 01
Cauliflower Soup 02
Cauliflower Soup 03
Celebration Cake
Cheddar Vegetable Lasagna
Cheese Lasagne
Cheese Loaf
Cheese Sauce 01
Cheese Sauce 02
Cheese Sauce 03
Cheese Tofu Shells
Cheese Veg Spread
Cheesy Chard
Cheesy Lasagna (vegan) (R) ♥♥♥
Cheesy Potatoes
Chef Salad
Chestnut Croquettes
Chicken-flavored seitan strips can be purchased at most health food
Chickpea Burgers 01 (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Chickpea Burgers 02
Chickpea Burgers 03
Chickpea Burgers 04
Chickpea Casserole
Chickpea Goulash (R) ♥♥♥♥
Chickpea Pilaf
Chickpea Ragout
Chickpea Salad
Chickpea Stew
Chickpeas 01
Chickpeas Pasta
Chilean Black Eyed Peas and Winter Squash
Chiles Relleonos
Chili Non Carne
Chili Rice
Chili con Cashews
Chinese Vegetables
Choc Chip Cookies 01
Choc Chip Cookies 02
Choc Pb Tofu Pie
Choc Tofu Cake
Choc Tofu Mousse 01 (R) ♥♥♥♥
Choc Tofu Mousse 02
Choc Tofu Pie 01
Choc Tofu Pie 02
Choc Tofu Pie 03
Choc Tofu Pie 04
Choc Tofu Pie 05
Choc Tofu Souffle
Chocolate Cake 01
Chocolate Cake 02
Chocolate Cake 03
Chocolate Cake 04
Chocolate Cake 05
Chocolate Cake 06
Chocolate Cake 07
Chocolate Cake 08
Chocolate Cake 09
Chocolate Cake 10
Chow Fun
Cinderella Pie
Clay Pot Rice
Coconut Icing
Coconut Lime Rice - (Cafe Pacifico)
Coconut Tofu Soup
Cornbread 01
Cornbread 02
Cornbread 03
Corncakes 01
Cornmeal Pancakes
Cornmeal Pancakes 01
Cornmeal Pancakes 02
Cottagecheese Loaf 01
Cottagecheese Loaf 02
Cottagecheese Loaf 03 (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Cottagecheese Loaf 04
Cottagecheese Loaf 05 (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Cottagecheese Loaf 06
Cottagecheese Loaf 07
Couscous 01
Couscous Casserole
Cran Pear Crisp
Cranberry Sauce
Cream Of Asparagus Soup With A Touch Of Fresh Dill
Creamy Spinach Lasagna (R)
Creole Noodles
Crepes 01
Crepes Spinach Chiles
Crispy Tofu
Crispy Treats
Crunchy Vegetable Burrito Banditos
Cuban Blackbeans
Cuban Salad
Cupcakes 01
Curried Eggplant
Curried Lentils
Curried Pasta Salad
Curried Peanut Tempeh
Curried Red Lentil Pate
Curried Seitan
Curried Stew 01
Curried Stew 02
Curry Art Dip
Curry Cabbage Soup
Curry Sauce
Dal 01
Date Bread
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 06:59:27 -0500 (EST)
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 00:37:21 EDT
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 15:32:51 -0500
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 15:28:17 -0500
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 12:45:42 EST
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 07:07:51 -0500 (EST)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 07:33:24 -0400 (EDT)
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 21:00:45 -0500
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 07:48:26 -0500 (EST)
Diabetic, Vegetarian, Low-Fat Two-Bean Enchiladas (high fiber)
Different Rice
Dolmades 01
Dolmades 02
Dolmades 03
Dolmades 04
Dolmades 05
Dolmades 06
Dolmades 07
Donuts 01
Easy Lasagna (no boil pasta) (R) ♥♥♥♥
Egg Free French Toast (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Eggless Mayo (Better'n Hellman's)
Eggless Mayo 01
Eggless Mayo 02
Eggless Mayo 03
Eggless Mayo 04
Eggplant Casserole
Eggplant Crumble
Eggplant Enchiladas 01
Eggplant Fajitas
Eggplant Lasagna
Eggplant Lasagna With Basil
Eggplant Meatballs
Eggplant Parmesan
Eggplant Saute
Eggplant Stirfry
Eggplant Tofu
Eggplant and Spinach Lasagna
Eggplant-Almond Enchiladas
Eggplant-almond Enchiladas
Egyptian Red Stew
Energy Bars
Fabulous Vegetarian (vegan) Chili
Falafel Burgers
Falafel Joes
Fast Moroccan Feast
Feta Walnut Dip (R) ♥♥♥♥
First posted 1992??
Fish Sauce
Flax Crunch
Fourby Chili (Black Beans, Beer, and Broccoli)
French Onion Soup
French Toast 01
French Toast 02
French Toast 03
French Toast 04
Fried Bean Curd
Fried Brinjal Slices
Fried Mushrooms
Fried Rice 01
Fried Rice 02
Fried Rice 03
Fried Rice 04
Fried Tofu 01
Fried Tofu 02
Fried Tofu 03
Fried Tofu 04
Fried Tofu Greens
From: (Brenda Romans)
Fruit Dessert
Fruit Pie
Fudge 01
Fudge 02
Garbanzos Tofu
Garden Burgers 01
Garden Burgers 02
Garden Burgers 03
Garden Burgers 04
Garden Burgers 05
Garden Lasagna
Garlic Guacamole
Garlic Pasta
Garlic Sauce
General Tsos 01 (R)
General Tsos 02
Ghormeh Sabzi
Gimme Lean Loaf
Ginger Cookies
Ginger Veg Stew
Gingerbread Pancakes
Gluten 01
Gluten 02
Gluten 03
Gluten 04
Gluten 05
Golden Chowder
Golden Onion and Zucchini Lasagne
Goulash 01
Gourd Tofu Stew
Grain Apple Salad
Grain Bread
Gravy 01
Gravy 02
Gravy 03
Gravy 04
Gravy 05
Gravy 06
Gravy 07
Gravy 08
Gravy 09
Gravy 10
Gravy 11
Gravy 12
Gravy 13
Gravy 14
Gravy 15
Gravy 16
Gravy 17 (R) ♥♥♥♥
Gravy 18
Gravy 19
Gravy 20
Gravy 21
Gravy 22
Gravy 23
Gravy 24
Gravy 25
Gravy 26
Gravy 27
Gravy 28
Greek Lasagna
Greek Lemon Sauce
Greek Sandwich
Green Gravy
Green Pasta
Green and White Lasagne
Greenbean Stirfry
Greenbeans Peanuts
Greenbeans Pot Barley
Greens 01
Greens Apples
Greens Pasta
Greentea Tofu Icecream
Greg's Vegetarian Chili
Grilled Eggplant
Grilled Portobellos
Grilled Potatoes
Grilled Tempeh 01
Grilled Tempeh 02
Grilled Tempeh With Red Onion and Eggplant
Grilled Tofu
Grilled Tofu 01
Grilled Tofu 02
Grilled Tofu 03
Grilled Veg Patties
Guacamole 01
Guacamole 02
Guacamole 03
Guda Kofta (marrow balls)
Gumbo 01
Gumbo 02
Gumbo 03
Gumbo 04
Had a feeling someone would ask. Didn't post it originally because
Hare Chane ke Kabab (Green Lentil Patties)
Harvest Pie
Harvest Pudding
Hash Browns 01
Hash Browns 02
Hayden Schultz ( of Diane Kennedy's recipe in
Hazelnut Pesto Mushroom lasagne
Hearty Bean and Vegetable Stew
Herb Mashed Potatoes
Herbed Tofu
Here's a great recipe for vegetarian meatballs. It's pretty high
Holiday Stuffed Pumpkin
Homemade Bean Curd
Homemade Tofu 01
Homemade Tofu 02
Homemade Tofu 03
Homemade Tofu 04
Homemade Tofu 05
Hope you'll like this as much as we do. Non-vegetarians will enjoy it,
Horseradish Dip
Horseradish Sauce 01
Horseradish Sauce 02
Horseradish Sauce:
Hot Chocolate
Hot Sour Soup 01
Hot Sour Soup 02
Hot and Sour soup
Hummus 01
Hummus 02
Hungarian Szeged Goulash, Vegetarian Version (VEGAN) (R)
I just made the most delicious lasagna and I want to post it
I posted this a few weeks ago...assuming that tortillas are vegan, the
I saw a request for tofu dressings and I have two.
I take about 1/2 - 3/4 cup of soy flour, and stirring with a wire
I tried a new Corn bread home mix - Great with Crock Pot beans
I was making some rice and heating beans last
I work with many people from Laos, and this jerky recipe is theirs. It
Indonesian Salad 01
Indonesian Salad 02
Indonesian Salad 03
Indonesian Salad with Spicy Peanut Dressing
Irish Stew 01
Irish Stew 02
Italian Vegetable Lasagne
Italian Vegetarian Lasagna
Jerk Tempeh
Jewish Chicken Soup
Kadu fugath (Pumpkin or marrow foogath)
Kale Quinoa Soup
Kale Sauce
Kale Soup
Kale Soup 02
Kasha 01
Kashk E Bademjan (R) ♥♥♥♥
Key Lime Shamrock Torte
Keylime Tofu Pie
Keylime Torte
Kung Pao Seitan
Kung Pao Tempeh (R) ♥♥♥♥
LACTO-OVO Bean casserole. (I suppose it could be Vegan, but the cheese
Lasagna Recipe
Lasagna from Italy
Lasagna, my own creation:
Lasagne Florentine
Lasagne with Three Cheeses
Lazy Day Lasagna
Leek Lent Gratin
Leeks and Lentils Au Gratin
Lemon Cloud Pie
Lemon Pie
Lemon Pudding
Lemon Rice Soup
Lemon Tofu
Lentil Bake 01
Lentil Bake 02
Lentil Bake 03
Lentil Burgers 01
Lentil Burgers 02
Lentil Burgers 03
Lentil Burgers 04
Lentil Burgers 05
Lentil Burgers 06 (R) ♥♥♥
Lentil Burgers 07
Lentil Burgers 08
Lentil Burgers 09
Lentil Burgers 10
Lentil Burgers 11
Lentil Casserole
Lentil Chile
Lentil Curry
Lentil Gratin
Lentil Hash
Lentil Khoreshe
Lentil Lasagna
Lentil Lasagne
Lentil Loaf 01 (R) ♥♥♥♥
Lentil Loaf 02
Lentil Loaf 03
Lentil Loaf 04
Lentil Loaf 05
Lentil Loaf 06
Lentil Loaf 07
Lentil Loaf 08
Lentil Loaf 09
Lentil Loaf 10
Lentil Loaf 11
Lentil Loaf 12
Lentil Nuggets
Lentil Nut Loaf (R) ♥♥♥
Lentil Nut Loaf 01
Lentil Nut Loaf 02
Lentil Nut Loaf 03
Lentil Pate 01
Lentil Pate 02
Lentil Pate 03
Lentil Patties 01
Lentil Patties 02
Lentil Pie
Lentil Potato Burgers
Lentil Rice Burgers
Lentil Rice Burgers 02
Lentil Rice Salad
Lentil Rice Soup
Lentil Roast
Lentil Salad 01
Lentil Salad 02
Lentil Spinach Stew
Lentil Veg Stew
Lentil Walnut Burgers
Lentil-Bulghur Salad
Lentils Apricots
Lentils Barley
Lentils Quinoa
Low Fat Chili No-con Carne
Low-Fat Black Bean Chili (high fiber)
Low-Fat Fast Chunky Chili (high fiber)
Low-Fat Lentil Chili (high fiber) (R)
Low-Fat Vegetable Enchiladas
Low-Fat Vegetable Fried Rice
Low-Fat Vegetable Loaf
Mac Cheese 01
Mac Cheese 02
Mac Cheese 03
Mac Cheese 04
Mac Cheese 05
Mac Tofu
Macaroni Dinner
Madeira Sauce
Mango Lime Pie
Mango Pudding
Mango Salsa
Maple Tofu Pie
Marinated Soybeans
Mars Bars
Marshmallows 01 (R)
Marshmallows 02
Marshmallows 03
Maryland-Style Tofu Cakes
Masaman Curry
Mashed Millet 01
Mashed Millet 02
Mashed Potatoes 01
Mashed Potatoes 02
Matzoth Balls
Meatless Balls
Meatless Lasagne
Meatless Meatballs
Mediterranean Muffuletta (makes 6-8 servings)
Mediterranean Stew
Mex Pasta
Mexican Casserole
Mexican Loaf
Millet 01
Millet Bread
Millet Casserole
Millet Cheesecake
Millet Loaf
Millet Mashed in place of mashed potatoes
Millet Pancakes
Millet Roast
Millet Salad
Millet Stew 01
Millet Stew 02
Millet and squash stew
Mince Pie
Mint Choc Mousse
Miracle Whip
Mocha Mousse
Mock Chicken Salad 01
Mock Chicken Salad 02
Mock Chicken Soup
Mock Chopped Liver 01
Mock Chopped Liver 02
Mock Chopped Liver 03
Mock Chopped Liver 04
Mock Chopped Liver 05
Mock Crabcakes 01 (R) ♥♥♥♥
Mock Crabcakes 02
Mock Cream
Mock Duck
Mock Eel
Mock Feta 01
Mock Feta 02
Mock Fish 01
Mock Fish 02
Mock Fish 03
Mock Fish 04
Mock Goose
Mock Parmesan
Mock Queso
Mock Ricotta 01
Mock Ricotta 02
Mock Ricotta 03
Mock Shrimp
Mock Tuna Salad 01
Mock Tuna Salad 02
Mole Posole (R) ♥♥♥
Moraccan Stew 01
Moraccan Stew 02
Moroccan Tagine
Moussaka 01
Moussaka 02
Moussaka 03
Moussaka 04
Moussaka 05
Moussaka 06
Moussaka 07
Moussaka 08
Moussaka 09
Moussaka 10
Moussaka 11
Moussaka 12
Moussaka 13
Mu Shu Tofu
Mu Shu Vegetables 01
Mu Shu Vegetables 02
Mu Shu Vegetables 03
Mulligatawny Soup 01
Mulligatawny Soup 02
Multi Vege Chili
Mungbean Potatoes
Mush Almond Pate 01
Mush Almond Pate 02
Mush Cashew Pate
Mushroom & Butternut Squash Lasagne
Mushroom Burgers 01
Mushroom Burgers 02
Mushroom Burgers 03
Mushroom Casserole
Mushroom Caviar
Mushroom Enchiladas 01
Mushroom Enchiladas 02
Mushroom Enchiladas 03
Mushroom Enchiladas 04
Mushroom Fajitas 01 (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Mushroom Fajitas 02
Mushroom Lasagne (R) ♥♥♥
Mushroom Melts
Mushroom Pate 01
Mushroom Pate 02
Mushroom Pate 03
Mushroom Pate 04
Mushroom Pate 05
Mushroom Pate 07
Mushroom Pate 08
Mushroom Pate 09
Mushroom Pate 10
Mushroom Pate 11
Mushroom Reuben
Mushroom Sandwich 01
Mushroom Sandwich 02
Mushroom Sandwich 03
Mushroom Sauce 01
Mushroom Sauce 02
Mushroom Stirfry
Mushroom Stroganoff 01
Mushroom Stroganoff 02
Mushroom Stroganoff 03
Mushroom Stroganoff 04
Mushroom Stroganoff 05
Mushroom Tofu Verde
Mushroom and Almond (or Pecan) Pate
Mushroom and Barley Soup
Mushrooms Ala King
Mushrooms Orzo
Mushrooms Sourcream
Noodles Cheese
Nummus Bundles
Nut Burgers
Nut Loaf 01
Nut Loaf 02 (R) ♥♥♥♥
Nut Milk 01
Nut Milk 02
Nut Milk 03
Nut Roast 01
Nut Roast 02 (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Nut Vegetable Loaf
Nutty Bean-Rice Burgers
Oat Nut Burgers
Oat Walnut Burgers 01
Oat Walnut Burgers 02
Oatmeal Burgers
Oatmeal Cookies 01
Oatmeal Cookies 02
Oatmeal Sausage (R) ♥♥♥♥
Okara 01
Okara Almond Cookies
Okara Loaf
Okara Oat Cookies
Okara Veg Saute
Old Fashioned "Beef" Stew (R)
Omelet 01
Onion Pie
Onion Soup 01
Onion Soup 02
Oriental Bean Curd
Original post: Thu, 23 May 1996 02:10:22 GMT
Originally posted: Mon, 14 Nov 1994 19:19:51 GMT
Oyster Sauce
Paella 01
Paella 02
Paella 03
Paella 04
Paella 05
Paella 06
Paella 07
Paella 08
Pancakes 01
Pancakes 02
Pancakes 03
Pancakes 04
Pancakes 05
Pancakes 06
Pancakes 07
Pancakes 08
Pancakes 09
Pancakes 10
Pancakes 11
Parsnip Patties
Pasta Mushrooms
Pasta Pizza
Pasta Romesco
Pastitsio 02
Pate 01
Pate 02
Pate 03
Patiya (Potato and Green Bananas)
Pattypan Squash
Pb Cookies (R) ♥♥♥
Pb Soup
Pea Carrot Salad
Peach Sorbet
Peanut Butter Pie
Peanut Stew
Peanut Tempeh Rice
Pecan Loaf
Pecan Pie
Pecan Pie 01
Pecan Pie 02
Pecan Tassies
Pepper Lentil Stew
Pepper Sauce
Pesto 01
Pesto 02
Pesto 03
Phali ki kari (Peanut Curry)
Picadillo 01
Piecrust 01
Piecrust 02
Piecrust 03
Pignoli Dip
Pigs Blankets
Pineapple Curry
Pineapple Curry 02
Pineapple Kale Stew
Pineapple Peanut Stew
Pinto Bean Sweet Potato Chili
Polenta Pizza
Polenta Pizza 01
Polenta Pizza 02
Polenta Pizzarina
Polish Soup
Portabello Piccata
Portobellos Fontina
Pot Roast
Potato Burritos 01
Potato Burritos 02
Potato Burritos 03
Potato Casserole
Potato Dinner
Potato Enchilada 01
Potato Enchilada 02
Potato Enchiladas
Potato Gnocchi
Potato Kibbeh
Potato Loaf
Potato Pancakes 01
Potato Pancakes 02
Potato Pinto
Potato Salad 01
Potato Soup 01
Potato, Tomato and Onion Tarkari
Potatoes Gravy
Potpie 01
Potpie Pumpkin
Potstickers 01
Potstickers 02
Potstickers 03
Protein Drink (R) ♥♥♥♥
Pump Cheese Pie
Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Curry 01
Pumpkin Curry 02
Pumpkin Curry 03
Pumpkin Curry 04
Pumpkin Frappe
Pumpkin Gratin
Pumpkin Pie 01
Pumpkin Pie 02
Pumpkin Pie 03
Pumpkin Pie 04
Pumpkin Pie 05
Pumpkin Pie 06
Pumpkin Pie 07
Pumpkin Pie 08
Quiche 01
Quiche 02
Quiche 03
Quiche 04
Quiche 05
Quiche 06
Quiche 07
Quiche 08
Quiche 09
Quinoa Broccoli Rabe (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Quinoa Corn Bean
Quinoa Greenbeans
Quinoa Kale Pilaf
Quinoa Leeks
Quinoa Pilaf
Quinoa Poblanos
Quinoa Salad 01
Quinoa Salad 02
Quinoa Salad 03
Quinoa Stew
Quinoa Stirfry 01
Quinoa Stirfry 02 (R) ♥♥♥♥
Quinoa Tabbouli 01
Quinoa Tabbouli 02
Quinoa Tabbouli 03
Quinoa Tabouli
Quinoa Tomatoes (R) ♥♥♥♥
Quinoa Vegetables 01
Quinoa Vegetables 02
Quinoa and Shiitake Stir Fry
Quinoa with Vegetables
Quorn Curry (R) ♥♥♥♥
Raisin Drops
Raspberry Sherbet
Ratatouille Pie
Ravioli 01
Ravioli Soup
Red Beans Rice
Red Chard 01
Red Chard 02
Red Chard Burritos
Red Chard Tacos
Red Curry Paste
Red Curry Vegetables
Refried Beans
Refried Beans - (Cafe Pacifico)
Refried Beans 02
Refried Beans 03
Refried Lentils (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Refried Soybeans
Repost from: Thu, 12 May 1994 14:16:25 GMT
Rhub Lemon Tofu Pie
Rice Bean Broccoli
Rice Cheese Casserole
Rice Cookies
Rice Greens
Rice Lentils 01
Rice Lentils 02
Rice Milk 01
Rice Milk 02
Rice Milk 03
Rice Milk 04
Rice Mixture
Rice Mush Squash
Rice Noodles Coconut
Rice Nut Loaf
Rice Patties
Rice Pudding 01
Rice Pudding 02
Rice Pudding 03
Rice Pudding 04
Rice Pudding 05
Rice Pudding 06
Rice Pudding 07
Rice Salad
Rice Skillet
Ricotta And Basil Lasagne
Risotto 01
Risotto 02
Roasted Soy Nuts
Roasted Veggies
Root Mulligatawny Soup
Russian Salad
Sag bharta (Spinach puree)
Sandwich 01
Sandwich 02
Sandwich 03
Sandwich 04
Sandwich 05
Sandwich 06
Sandwich 07
Sandwich 08
Sandwich 09
Sandwich 10
Sandwich 11
Sandwich 12
Sandwich 13
Sandwich 14
Sandwich 15
Sandwich 16
Sandwich 17
Sandwich 18
Sandwich 19
Sandwich 20
Sandwich 21
Sandwich 22
Sandwich 23
Sandwich 24
Sandwich 25
Sandwich 26
Sandwich 27
Sandwich Spread
Sandy's Chili
Sauerkraut Pot Cass
Sauerkraut Stew
Sausage 01
Sausage 02
Sausage 03
Sausage 04
Sausage 05
Sauteed Tempeh
Sauteed Tofu
Savory Chickpeas
Savoury Tofu Sauce
Scrambled Tofu 01
Scrambled Tofu 02
Scrambled Tofu 03
Scrambled Tofu 04
Scrambled Tofu 05
Scrambled Tofu 06
Scrambled Tofu 07
Scrambled Tofu 08
Scrambled Tofu for breakfast, lunch or dinner
Seitan 01
Seitan 02
Seitan 03
Seitan 04
Seitan 05
Seitan Chili
Seitan Pastrami
Seitan Stroganoff
Sesame Burgers
Sesame Tofu
Sesame, Apple and Bran Cookies
Shepherds Pie 01
Shepherds Pie 02
Shepherds Pie 03
Shepherds Pie 04
Shepherds Pie 05
Shepherds Pie 06
Shepherds Pie 07
Shepherds Pie 08
Shepherds Pie 09
Shepherds Pie 10
Shepherds Pie 11
Shepherds Pie 12
Shepherds Pie 13
Shepherds Pie 14
Sherried Portobellos
Shiitake Stew
Shrimp Broth
Sierra Stew
Simply Cheezy Sauce
Smoothie 01
Smoothie 02
Smoothie 03
Smoothie 04
Smoothie 05
Smoothie 06
Smoothie 07
Somebody asked for a vegetarian lasagna recipe. I made this one
Someone asked for a vegetarian chili recipe. This one is very
Someone posted a request for goulash. Someone else posted a
Soy Bread
Soy Coconut Milk
Soy Frosting
Soy Gevult (R) ♥♥♥♥
Soy Icecream 01
Soy Icecream 02
Soy Icecream 03
Soy Icecream 04
Soy Icecream 05
Soy Icecream 06
Soy Milk 01
Soy Milk 02
Soy Milk 03
Soy Milk 04
Soy Milk 05
Soy Milk 06
Soy Milk 07
Soy Milk 08
Soy Milk 09
Soy Milk 10 (R) ♥♥♥♥
Soy Nut Burgers
Soy Waffles
Soybean Burgers
Soybean Burgers 01
Soybean Burgers 02
Soybean Burgers 03
Soybean Burgers 04
Soybean Burgers 05
Soybean Burgers 06
Soybean Burgers 07
Soybean Casserole 01
Soybean Casserole 02
Spaghetti Pb
Spaghetti Sauce 01
Spaghetti Sauce 02
Spaghetti Sauce 03
Spaghetti Tempeh
Spelt Bread
Spiced Chickpea Burgers
Spicy Chili Mac
Spicy Eggplant
Spicy Peanut Tofu (R) ♥♥♥♥
Spicy Peanut Tofu 01
Spicy Peanut Tofu 02
Spicy Rice and Lentils
Spicy Zucchini
Spinach Lasagna With Bechamel Sauce
Spinach Lasagne
Spinach Lasagne
Spinach Lasagne Special (6 to 8 servings)
Spinach Pate
Spinach Phyllo Tart
Spinach Soup
Spinach Walnut Lasagna
Spinach and Eggplant Lasagna
Spinach and Eggplant Lasagna with Goat Cheese
Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna
Spinach-Mushroom Lasagne
Split Pea Soup
Splitpeas Vegetables
Spring Green Onion Soup
Spring Rolls 01
Spring Rolls 02
Spring Rolls 03
Spring Rolls 04
Sprouted Quinoa
Squash Bake
Squash Burritos
Squash Confit
Squash Soup
Stirfry 01
Stirfry 02
Stirfry 03
Stirfry 04
Stirfry 05
Stirfry 06
Stirfry 07
Stirfry 08
Stirfry 09
Stirfry 10
Stirfry 11
Stirfry 12
Stock 01
Stock 02
Stock 03
Stock 04
Stock 05
Stock 06
Stock 07
Stock 08
Stock 09
Stock 10
Stock 11
Stock 12
Stock 13
Stock 14
Stock 15
Strawberry Drops
Strawberry Ricecream
Strawberry Shake
Strawberry Spinach Salad - (Cafe Pacifico)
Stuffed Cabbage 01
Stuffed Cabbage 02
Stuffed Cabbage 03
Stuffed Cabbage 04
Stuffed Cabbage 05
Stuffed Cabbage 06
Stuffed Cabbage 07
Stuffed Cabbage 08
Stuffed Cabbage 09
Stuffed Cabbage 10
Stuffed Cabbage 11
Stuffed Cabbage 12 (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Stuffed Cabbage 13
Stuffed Cabbage 14
Stuffed Cabbage 15
Stuffed Cabbage 16
Stuffed Chilies
Stuffed Eggplant 01
Stuffed Jumbo Shells
Stuffed Morels
Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed Onion
Stuffed Peppers 01
Stuffed Peppers 02
Stuffed Peppers 03
Stuffed Peppers 04
Stuffed Peppers 05
Stuffed Peppers 06
Stuffed Peppers 07
Stuffed Peppers 08
Stuffed Peppers 09
Stuffed Peppers 10
Stuffed Peppers 11
Stuffed Peppers 12
Stuffed Peppers 13
Stuffed Peppers 14
Stuffed Peppers 15
Stuffed Portabellos 01
Stuffed Portabellos 02
Stuffed Portabellos 03
Stuffed Potatoes 01
Stuffed Potatoes 02
Stuffed Potatoes 03
Stuffed Potatoes 04
Stuffed Potatoes 05
Stuffed Pumpkin 01
Stuffed Pumpkin 02
Stuffed Pumpkin 03
Stuffed Squash 01
Stuffed Squash 02
Stuffed Squash 03
Stuffed Zucchini
Stuffing 01
Stuffing 02
Stuffing 03
Stuffing 04
Summer Stew
Sun-Dried Tomato Lasagne
Sun-Dried Tomato Lasagne
Sure-Fire Basic White Cake
Sw Pot Bread
Sweet & Sour Tofu
Sweet & Sour Vegetable Balls
Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet Potato Stew
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Pots Chili
Sweet Sour Peanuts
Sweet Sour Rice
Sweet Sour Soybeans
Sweet Sour Tofu 01
Sweet Sour Tofu 02
Sweet Sour Tofu 03
Sweetcorn Peanut Sauce
Swiss Chard
Swiss Melt Burger
Szechuan Stirfry
Szechuan Tofu 01
Szechuan Tofu 02 (R) ♥♥♥
Szechuan Tofu 03
TVP Spaghetti Sauce
Taco Bake
Taco Filling
Taco Filling 02
Taco Filling 03
Taco Lentils
Taco Salad
Tajine 01
Tamale Pie 01
Tamale Pie 02
Tamale Pie 03
Tamale Pie 04
Tamari Almonds (R) ♥♥♥♥
Tandoori Tofu
Teething Cookies
Tempeh 01
Tempeh 02
Tempeh 03
Tempeh 04
Tempeh Chips
Tempeh En Croute
Tempeh Fajitas
Tempeh Goulash
Tempeh Joes
Tempeh Kebobs
Tempeh Pepper Steak
Tempeh Reuben 01
Tempeh Reuben 02
Tempeh Reuben 03
Tempeh Rice
Tempeh Salad
Tempeh Satay
Tempeh Spagetti
Tempeh Stew
Tempeh Wild Mushrooms
Teriyaki Tempeh
Texmex Mac
Thai Barley
Thai Curry
Thai Noodles
Thai Tempeh
Thanksgiving No-Turkey `Turkey`
This is my absolute faviorte chili! Hope you like it.
This is my current favorite. I clipped it a year or so ago out of some
This is our favorite lentil chili recipe. We cook it on a slow cooker after
This recipe is very easy and doesn't use onions. You can use
Three Cheese Vegetable Lasagna
Title: Lasagne with Mediterranean Vegetables (VEGAN)
Title: Mushroom & Spinach Lasagna
Title: Vegetarian Lasagna
Title: whole wheat lasagna with kalamata olives
Toasted Soybeans
Tofu "Ricotta" filling
Tofu Apricot Dijon
Tofu Bacon 01
Tofu Bacon 02
Tofu Bacon 03
Tofu Bbq 01
Tofu Bbq 02
Tofu Bean Salad
Tofu Blackbean Sauce
Tofu Bourguignon
Tofu Burgers
Tofu Burgers 01
Tofu Burgers 02
Tofu Burgers 03
Tofu Burgers 04
Tofu Burgers 05
Tofu Burgers 06
Tofu Burgers 07
Tofu Burgers 08
Tofu Burgers 09
Tofu Burgers 10
Tofu Caesar Salad
Tofu Canneloni
Tofu Casserole
Tofu Cheesecake 01
Tofu Cheesecake 02
Tofu Cheesecake 03
Tofu Cheesecake 04
Tofu Cheesecake 05
Tofu Cheesecake 06
Tofu Cheesecake 07
Tofu Cheesecake 08
Tofu Cheesecake 09
Tofu Cheesecake 10
Tofu Cheesecake 11
Tofu Cheesecake 12
Tofu Cheesecake 13
Tofu Cheesecake 14
Tofu Cheesecake 15
Tofu Cheesecake 16
Tofu Cheesecake 17
Tofu Cheesecake 18
Tofu Cheesecake 19
Tofu Chili
Tofu Chocolate Pudding/Mousse/Pie Filling (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Tofu Curry Nuts
Tofu Dip (R) ♥♥♥♥
Tofu Dogs
Tofu Dominoes
Tofu Egg Salad 01
Tofu Egg Salad 02
Tofu Egg Salad 03
Tofu Enchiladas 01
Tofu Enchiladas 02
Tofu Enchiladas 03
Tofu Frosting
Tofu Fruit Pudding
Tofu Fu Yung
Tofu Garlic Sauce
Tofu Gravy (R) ♥♥♥
Tofu Hummus Tacos
Tofu Icecream 01
Tofu Icecream 02
Tofu Icecream 03
Tofu Icecream 04
Tofu Icecream 05 (R)
Tofu Icecream 06
Tofu Icing
Tofu Italian Skillet
Tofu Jerky 01
Tofu Jerky 02
Tofu Joes
Tofu Kebabs 01
Tofu Kebabs 02
Tofu Kebabs 03
Tofu Kebabs 04
Tofu Kebabs 05
Tofu Kebabs 06
Tofu Kebabs 07
Tofu Leek Soup
Tofu Loaf
Tofu Loaf 01
Tofu Loaf 02
Tofu Manicotti
Tofu Marinade 01
Tofu Marinade 02 (R)
Tofu Marinade 03
Tofu Mayo 01
Tofu Mayo 02
Tofu Mayo 03
Tofu Mayo 04
Tofu Mayo 05
Tofu Mayo 06
Tofu Mayo 07
Tofu Mayo 08
Tofu Mayo 09
Tofu Meatballs 01
Tofu Meatballs 02
Tofu Meatballs 03
Tofu Meatballs 04
Tofu Meatballs 05
Tofu Meatballs 06
Tofu Milk
Tofu Mush Casserole
Tofu Mushroom Pie
Tofu Noodle
Tofu Noodles
Tofu Nuggets
Tofu Nut Patties
Tofu Oat Burgers
Tofu Okra
Tofu Olive Dip
Tofu Oriental
Tofu Parmigiana
Tofu Pate
Tofu Patties
Tofu Potpie
Tofu Potpie 01
Tofu Potpie 02
Tofu Potpie 03
Tofu Rasp Pudding
Tofu Rasp Pudding 01
Tofu Rasp Pudding 02
Tofu Remoulade
Tofu Roast
Tofu Rosemary Syrup
Tofu Salad 01
Tofu Salad 02
Tofu Salad 03
Tofu Salad 04
Tofu Salad 05
Tofu Salad 06
Tofu Salad 07
Tofu Salad 08
Tofu Salad Dressing 01
Tofu Salad Dressing 02
Tofu Salad Dressing 03
Tofu Salad Dressing 04
Tofu Sandwich 01
Tofu Sandwich 02
Tofu Sandwich 03
Tofu Sandwiches
Tofu Satay
Tofu Schnitzel
Tofu Shake
Tofu Snowpeas
Tofu Soup
Tofu Sourcream
Tofu Spinach Pie
Tofu Spread
Tofu Spread 02
Tofu Spread 03
Tofu Steaks 01
Tofu Steaks 02
Tofu Steaks 03
Tofu Stew
Tofu Stirfry 01
Tofu Stirfry 02
Tofu Stirfry 03
Tofu Stirfry 04
Tofu Stirfry 05
Tofu Stirfry 06
Tofu Stirfry 07
Tofu Stirfry 08
Tofu Stirfry 09
Tofu Stroganoff
Tofu Stuffed Shells 01
Tofu Stuffed Shells 02
Tofu Tagliatelle
Tofu Toast
Tofu Triangles 01
Tofu Triangles 02
Tofu Vegetables
Tofu Wine Sauce
Tofu Wraps
Tofu Yeasties
Tofu Yogurt
Tofu barbecue/bake
Tofu in Black Bean Sauce
Tofu steak with Japanese mushroom sauce (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Tofu-Spinach Lasagna (R)
Tomato Croutes
Tomato Mac
Tomato Onion Soup
Tomato Pizza
Tomato Rice
Tomato Soup (Raw)
Tomato Soup 01
Tomato Soup Quinoa
Tossing together a stew the other night I found myself humming
Triple Cornbread Beans
Tvp Bbq
Tvp Bean Burgers
Tvp Burgers 01
Tvp Burgers 02
Tvp Burgers 03
Tvp Chili
Tvp Gyros
Tvp Joes 01
Tvp Joes 02
Tvp Joes 03
Tvp Joes 04
Tvp Meatballs
Tvp Meatballs 02
Tvp Meatloaf 01
Tvp Meatloaf 02 (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Tvp Meatloaf 03
Tvp Stew 01
Tvp Stew 02
Tvp Stew 03
Tvp Stirfry (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Tvp Stroganoff
Tvp Summer Stew
Tvp Tacos
Tvp Vindaloo
Udon Stirfry
Uncle Kevee's Tofu Chili
V8 Vegetarian Chili
Vanilla Cake
Vanilla Ice Bean
Vanilla Slice (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Vanilla Tofu Cream
Veg Bean Burritos
Veg Bean Enchiladas
Veg Cheese
Veg Chorizo 01
Veg Chorizo 02
Veg Creamed Beef
Veg Jambalaya 01
Veg Jambalaya 02
Veg Jambalaya 03
Veg Meatballs 01
Veg Meatballs 02
Veg Meatballs 03
Veg Meatballs 04
Veg Meatballs 05
Veg Meatballs 06
Veg Meatballs 07
Veg Menu #2
Veg Ragout
Veg Soup 01
Veg Soup 02
Veg Soup 03
Veg Soup 04
Veg Soup 05
Veg Stirfry 01
Veg Stirfry 02
Veg Stirfry 03
Veg Stirfry 04
Veg Stirfry 05
Veg Stirfry 06
Veg Stirfry 07
Veg Stirfry 08
Veg Stirfry 09
Veg Terrine 01
Veg Terrine 02
Veg Turkey 01
Veg Turkey 02
Veg Turkey 03
Vegan Bbq Sauce
Vegan Biscuit Mix
Vegan Cake 01
Vegan Casserole
Vegan Cheese 01 (R)
Vegan Cheese 02
Vegan Cheese 03
Vegan Cheese 04
Vegan Cheese 05
Vegan Cheese 06
Vegan Lasagne with Miso
Vegan Lassi
Vegetable Bean Stew
Vegetable Casserole 01
Vegetable Casserole 02
Vegetable Casserole 03
Vegetable Chili
Vegetable Chili
Vegetable Chili
Vegetable Chili
Vegetable Chili
Vegetable Chili
Vegetable Curry 01
Vegetable Curry 03
Vegetable Curry 04
Vegetable Curry 05
Vegetable Curry 06
Vegetable Curry 07
Vegetable Curry 08
Vegetable Curry 09
Vegetable Curry 10
Vegetable Cutlets
Vegetable Cutlets 02
Vegetable Enchiladas
Vegetable Garden Lasagne
Vegetable Jambalaya
Vegetable Lasagna
Vegetable Lasagna
Vegetable Lasagna
Vegetable Lasagna
Vegetable Lasagna Primavera
Vegetable Lasagne
Vegetable Lasagne
Vegetable Loaf 01
Vegetable Loaf 02
Vegetable Loaf 03
Vegetable Patties
Vegetable Pie
Vegetable Pie 01
Vegetable Pie 02
Vegetable Pie 03
Vegetable Puree
Vegetable Rice 01
Vegetable Rice 02
Vegetable Stew 01
Vegetable Stew 02
Vegetable Stroganoff
Vegetable Terrine
Vegetable Wraps 01
Vegetable Wraps 02
Vegetable chili with red beans
Vegetables Mac 01
Vegetables Mac 02
Vegetarian Black Bean Soft Taco
Vegetarian Chili
Vegetarian Chili
Vegetarian Chili
Vegetarian Chili
Vegetarian Chili
Vegetarian Chili
Vegetarian Chili
Vegetarian Chili Makes 1+3/4 quarts
Vegetarian Chili & Beans
Vegetarian Chili with Biscuits
Vegetarian Dolmades
Vegetarian Fish
Vegetarian Golden Chili Chowder
Vegetarian Irish Stew
Vegetarian Lasagna
Vegetarian Lasagna (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Vegetarian Lasagna
Vegetarian Lasagne
Vegetarian Lasagne
Vegetarian Lasagne
Vegetarian Lasagne (Spinach)
Vegetarian Low-Fat Green Chili Stew (high fiber)
Vegetarian Piecrust
Vegetarian Roast
Vegetarian Roast 01
Vegetarian Roast 02
Vegetarian Roast 03
Vegg Nog
Veggie Link Loaf
Veggie Pate
Veggie Patty
Veggie Swiss Steak
Veggie Tempeh
Walnut Balls
Walnut Burgers
Walnut Loaf
Walnut Rice Loaf
Well Mark I find that substituting TVP (soya mince) for mince suffices
Wheat Berry Stew
Whey Rice
Whipped Tofu 01
Whipped Tofu 02
Whipped Tofu 03
Whipped Tofu 04
Whipped Tofu 05
White Cake 01
White Cake 02
White Lasagna with Mushrooms
White Nut Roast
White Russian
Wholewheat Chocolate Chip Cookies
Wild Mushroom Enchiladas with Ancho Chili-Cream Sauce
Wild Mushroom Lasagna
Wild Rice Stuffed Winter Squash
Wildrice Salad
Winter Vegetable Stew
Wonton Soup
Xmas Pudding
Ziti Squash
Zucchini Ankara
Zucchini Bread
Zucchini Brown Rice
Zucchini Casserole
Zucchini Enchiladas
Zucchini Pate
Zucchini Patties
Zucchini Potato
and from the use of rehydrated chiles rather than chili powder. You can
and vanilla. Add the dry ingredients to the creamed mixture. Add
it for the first time, and it is exquisite, so I'm posting it again

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